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Razer Naga Hex

Written on March 22, 2016   By   in Gaming

The Razer Naga Hex was created specifically for Action-RPG and MOBA games, but has the correct functionality for MMO’s also. It is suitable for MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends, but you will really need to get used to it, when you are planning to make use of it for other things.

What I absolutely adore about the Naga Hex is the fact that it is, well, the Naga as well as a Naga is the most effective mouse I Have ever possessed. It fits perfectly in your hand and using a tough right-side handle it is not difficult to command. The layout of the Hex is textured on the side and the invert shiny and smooth on top.
On the underside of the mouse lie a switch as well as five Glossy pads numpad and keybind functionalities.

I have confirmed the Naga Hex is a chap that was very appealing, because a girl could never be as easy to know, and that I say chap. But does this infant manage? Does it work well? It does, sort of. I came across the positioning of buttons on the mouse isn’t as perfect as I could have needed it to be, here’s why.
The thumb-buttons correspond perfectly using the six stock slots in a game like Dota 2 or LoL, this is exactly what I found it useful for.
You will find yourself pressing on buttons by chance all too frequently, that may cause you lots of discouragement in-match. This leads to quite seldom really using those buttons. That is the reason why I Had urge binding pieces, rather than spells or skills to these buttons.


Should you possess this mouse then you’ve got zero reason to not possess the Razer Synapse 2.0 installed. This software is not difficult to use and you will likely do not need to begin to see the interface after you have programmed your mouse to your own settings. It is only awesome like that, it always functions.
It’s possible for you to set up multiple profiles, which you will have the ability to swap between in the event you bind that functionality which you actually should, and shift effortlessly. All buttons, besides the Left Click are programmable, using the switch on the underside of the mouse, it is possible to pick if you want to stay using the numpad and when you’d like to make use of your keybinds. This means, no going back to the application interface. The one button I locate the anything that is hardest to make use of after binding to, is the Scroll Click. Contrary to any or all the other buttons, it is insensitive whatsoever, in fact when you should do so rapid it is difficult as hell to press down.

I found it truly, really difficult to get used to applying this mouse for anything but playing with games. Those darn inadvertent button presses are simply overly frustrating. Having my poor thumb to rest with no anxiety about getting a couple of letters or arbitrary numbers within my writing, makes it more unlikely that I Had utilize this mouse forever.
Utilizing the mouse for prolonged periods in a period where you do not need using the thumb as the thumb rest is so far back -buttons becomes quite uneasy. But this isn’t say that it is not possible, gamers with smaller hands will find it more easy to become accustomed to the layout and locate it even more comfortable to work with.

The Razer Naga Hex was created to game, but you will need to tame this wild creature to play. On paper, everything about it’s perfect, but the truth is it requires some getting used to. Then here is the mouse for you personally if you are a MOBA gamer who favors using mouse buttons to play instead of only pure hotkeys. I wouldn’t advocate the mouse for shots, or anything else it was not designed for.

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